Our Services

All Singapore companies must keep proper books and records, accountable to ACRA and IRAS. As you focus on your business, Majer Business Services accounting professionals with the requisite experience, knowledge and skills are on hand to assist you with your company’s accounts, tax and payroll matters.

Yearly Accounting Services for as low as S$50 per month

Newly setup or dormant companies S$50 to S$100 / month
Companies with average volume of transactions S$100 to S$150 / month
Companies with medium volume of transactions S$200 to S$250 / month
Companies with high volume of transactions S$300 to S$400 / month

View our Accounting Packages in detail, and don't hesistate to contact us for a comprehensive quote.

Monthly Statement of Comprehensive Income & Statement of Financial Position will be emailed to you, so that you know how your business is performing.

Advantages of outsourcing of accounts:

  • By outsourcing your accounts, you can then focus on the other matters in your company.
  • Companies who would like to save on staff costs. No more CPF, no more staffs on leave issues. Just leave it to us!
  • Recommended for newly startup companies, so that you can invest your start up funds for other operational needs.

Compilation of Unaudited Financial Statements for only S$450

(To be submitted to ACRA & IRAS on a yearly basis)

(Please note that this does not includes Accounting Services)

How are the Unaudited Financial Statements compiled?

You will submit the Trial Balance, General Ledger, Statement of Comprehensive Income (Profit & Loss Statement), Statement of Financial Position (Balance Sheet) to us. Our accountants will review them and finalized them based on Singapore Financial Reporting Standards.

What is the time frame to compile the Financial Statements?

The usual time frame to compile the Financial Statements is about one week upon receiving all the required reports by us. However, under special circumstances such as incomplete documents or errors in the documents will result delay in compiling the Financial Statements.

If you are having a tight deadline, kindly highlight to us so that we can work things out for both parties.