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Majer Business Services Pte Ltd has an experienced team of specialists in the field of bookkeeping, accounting and secretarial services. We are focused on serving both domestic and international clients. We provide a complete range of services to get better control of your expenses, be compliant with the law, reduce business risks and ease your work.

We are one of the leading secretarial service providers in Singapore and there is more than one good reason for that.

At Majer Business Services, we rely in the latest technology solutions in this field. We use proven techniques and methods in order to finish tasks given by our clients.

Majer Business Services is known as a firm that is focused on creating long-term relationships with its clients. We have already built lasting relationships with many companies and we are always ready to accept more clients. What make us different is our excellent service attitude and the large range of services that we have on offer.

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Singapore is one of the fastest growing economies in Asia. Many foreign investors are prepared to invest in this economy. That’s why, we are offering high-quality services that can help any company to set up operations in Singapore. In addition, we help these companies expand their business worldwide. With our help, companies can achieve growth and expansion in a fast and secure manner.

Majer Business Services is proud of its staff because we are fully aware that a company cannot provide results without professional and qualified staff. People who work for Majer Business Services are carefully chosen. They have years of experience in the services that we are providing. On top of that, we are always investing in their knowledge by sending them on training classes where they can learn on the latest updates in this industry. Our employees are following the latest news and changes in the field of secretarial services and accounting services and they can provide answers to your questions and meet all your requirements.

Our main objective is to become the best service provider in Singapore. We provide your business all the advantages of having a professional and dedicated secretarial service at your disposal.

Whether you are a startup, existing company, a company created for special purposes or you are in a process of incorporating a company, we can provide the services that you need.

We can take care of all your secretarial and accounting needs or simply provide basic support.

Using Majer Business Services helps you maintain your company’s status and keep all the operations run smoothly. Feel free to contact us at any time in order to get more information!